What is Start?
An all-inclusive support package for aspirational businesses to develop their vision, stay compliant, generate growth and go for gold.

As Chartered Accountants and Digital Marketing Experts, we realised that start-ups and growing businesses got a poor deal from a disparate and unconnected team of advisors charging high up-front fees to deliver irrelevant services and inadequate support.

Start by Berg & Williams is a unique support package designed for aspirational entrepreneurs. Designed to target your first £100k of sales in a 12 month programme, we provide almost everything you need to design, launch and expand your vision with a single point of contact and single monthly fee.

Designed for growth, the Start 12 month program enables entrepreneurs to target their first £100k in sales and focus on their vision.

What is included?
We'll work with you to design and implement a clear and concise business plan.
Don't worry about Companies House or HMRC. We'll submit all the forms required and get your compliance up and running.
Using the latest cloud technology we'll keep your accounting records up to date and compliant.
Whether its VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE or personal taxes we've got you covered with expert planning and efficient compliance.
You'll benefit from regular meetings with your dedicated Consultant, with detailed insight and expert reports.
Our Consultants will work with you to develop a funding strategy, identify sources of funding and build your pitch.
Getting your vision across in a cohesive, professional and stunning brand is vital for success. Our in-house team will work with you design and develop a winning brand.
We'll encompass your brand and vision in a modern, responsive and engaging website to attract and retain clients. E-commerce capabilities included if requried.
Whether its customer management, sales, HR and people, logistics or financial, we'll outline, design and implement the key technology and software required by your business.
Digital Marketing
We'll work with you to identify and implement a digital strategy including lead generation, search engine optimization and customer experience.
IT Support
Superb, remote IT support is available with our package, providing advice and ensuring that your technology is running efficiently.
HR & People
When you are ready to grow your team we'll provide the support you need in terms of recruitment advice, template contracts, on-boarding best practice and taxation and financial issues.

A typical 12 month Start programme

Kick Off (Week 1)
We'll meet to get to know each other, explore your ideas and set out your goals. You'll receive a set of agreed waypoints and an outline plan of action.
Model (Week 2 to 4)
A business model is key to success. We'll work with you to map out every aspect of your business, draw up a plan and implement the early stages. You'll receive support in setting up your business with HMRC and Companies House, and we'll get your basic financial systems in place.
Build (Week 5 to 12)
With a plan in place, its time to build. We'll create an outline brand, construct a kick-ass website, setup all the systems you need and put a digital marketing plan in place. This is when your vision really starts to shine.
Launch (Week 13)
With everything in place, you're ready to launch and go to market. We'll work with you to start building client relationships and iron out any kinks in your business as you start to earn revenue.
Growth (Week 14 to 28)
As your business starts to fly, we'll be with you every step of the way. You'll be reviewing your dashboard weekly, and meeting with your consultant monthly, to identify opportunities for improvement as your journey continues.
Expansion (Week 29 to 52+)
By now your business model will be tested and you will have established a growing client base. We'll review where you are and where to get to next. We'll be taking care of all the compliance and keeping your records straight.

Start is designed for those who want to get on and achieve. Aspirational business leaders who want to focus on the core of their vision, and build a competitive business. Entrepreneurs who want to get their hands dirty, get stuck in and get on with the job.

Building a successful business requires a devotion to vision, sure. But it also requires a whole host of peripheral services and support. That’s where we come in.

Our groundbreaking programme takes care of many of the peripheral concerns. Technology, business process, structures and taxation. You can be assured of professional, dedicated support in all of those areas that require compliance and attention, but are not core to your business.

But we’re not just a support service or shared service centre. Our Consultants offer something unique. They’ll work with you to question, critique, understand and develop your vision into a working business model. They’ll help you to construct a brand, build an online presence and integrate a marketing strategy. They’ll push you to go further, go quicker and achieve more. A true partner for your enterprise.

frequent questions

Start is a unique programme designed to help new businesses to grow rapidly and achieve sustainable success.

Start includes all the aspects needed to design, model, launch and grow a small business. It is delivered by Berg & Williams, a firm of Chartered Accountants and Digital Marketing Professionals and is led by consultants with experience of starting and building multi-million pound businesses.

Start is designed for new businesses. This may include businesses that have not yet launched, or those that have been running for only a year or two.

Start does not work well for established businesses, as their needs and requirements are often different and can be specialised.

The programme is also not suitable for those who wish to develop a ‘lifestyle business’. Broadly this includes people who simply want to be self-employed, and don’t want to develop a business beyond a certain size. We expect most participants to have aspirations of at least £500k – £1m turnover.

Whilst designed for start-ups, Start will also work well for businesses that have been going say 1 or 2 years, and need a kickstart to start growing rapidly.

Berg & Williams are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Digital Marketing Professionals. We focus on technology – we are firm believers that businesses that adopt technology do better. We have a firm belief in the power of marketing – when done well – to grow businesses quickly. And we are problem solvers – we understand how to solve problems in a business context.

Start is led by Aaron Ferguson, our Director for Business and Entrepreneurs. Aaron is an established entrepreneur, having developed and led multi-million pound businesses. As well as being a Chartered Accountant and Digital Marketing Professional, Aaron will graduate with an MBA (Distinction) from the University of Manchester in July 2018.

The programme is designed to help you achieve £100,000 in sales over a twelve month programme. Of course, your individual results may vary – some businesses will grow very quickly, others need more time to develop and build before growth kicks in. Nevertheless, we find these aspirational targets helpful in focusing our participants’ minds.

During the programme we will deliver a full business plan and strategy, a digital marketing plan, an online presence and brand, a business structure and all the necessary core registrations with HMRC and Companies House. At the end of the programme you should have a stable, well-designed business that has launched, has achieved sales and is growing.

Start is by definition not designed to be repeated, so it is rare for participants to undertake the programme more than once.

At the end of the programme you are likely to need more involved and in-depth expertise. Some of these services we can offer, and of course we maintain deep relationships with participants well beyond completion. For others, we can introduce external suppliers and agencies who can help.

Start will only work if you want to build a business that is capable of growth. This normally means a business that:

  • Will expect to register for and pay VAT (unless exempt) at some stage;
  • Will expect to incorporate as a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership;
  • Will expect to build to £100,000 in sales quite quickly;
  • Will expect at some stage to rely on a team, not solely the entrepreneur;
  • Has aspirations to turnover of at least £500,000.

With that said, we do not operate strict eligibility criteria. It is best that you discuss your circumstances with us to see if Start is a good fit for you.

The programme operates for 12 months, which is a binding term.

There is a break clause at 2 months. This is designed for entrepreneurs who realise, as part of our exhaustive planning process, that their ideas are not viable or for those very rare cases where we are just not a good fit.

At the end of the programme all intellectual property created from a marketing perspective will pass to your ownership. This assumes you complete the programme and pay the full fees due.

During the programme we retain ownership of these assets.

standard package
£345 per month, plus VAT

Our standard package includes everything you need to design, build and launch your business. 

e-commerce package
£395 per month, plus VAT

Same as our Standard package, but with e-commerce capabilities and systems for those selling online.

superb IT support
Add £50 per month, plus VAT

Advanced, remote IT support delivered for up to three people by our colleagues at Hillview Technologies.